Veteran songwriters James House, Gordon Kennedy, Danny Flowers & Bill Miller to be featured in up coming film series on songwriting

Every person has a special relationship with the music and the songs they cherish, but very few have the opportunity to witness the creative and dynamic proccess involved in birthing a new song.

If taste is subjective, what makes a song great? With no hard and fast rules to follow, the songwriter’s greatest challenge is to trust themselves as they struggle to find sparks of inspiration and translate them into meaningful, musical expression.

The songwriter is a short documentary web series that explores this creative process by featuring a range of professional songwriters, from rookies to Grammy Award winning veterans. The series shows writing sessions as they happen. While brand new music and lyrics are being composed, the songwriters also share their philosophies on the craft and the experiences that have inspired their music.

Nashville, the one and only Music City, was the obvious choice of setting for the web series’ first season. Hence, the songwriter (Nashville). Series Creators and Founders of Movie Time Picture Company, Esteban Pedraza and Aaron Pryka, hope that this intimate glimpse into a usually private, creative process will inspire both the casual music lover and the aspiring artist, as future editions of the songwriter expand across the country.

Writers featured in this first installment include James House, Gordon Kennedy, Danny Flowers, Heather Morgan, Rebecca Moreland, Bill MIller and James Slater.

Produced by Movie Time Picture Company in association with Mike Kopp and Sharon Corbitt-House of HouseKopp Management.

The World Premiere Theatrical Version will take place on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre at 2102 Belcouort Ave., Nashville, TN. Showtime is 7pm.

Click here to view a preview of this first edition:

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